Hanging fragranced cards for use in your vehicle.
Much more than an air-freshener, a car accessory
that diffuses a subtle but long-lasting fragrance.

The result of several years of research and development,
imao parfums® cards diffuse the fragrance continuously
with no action required from users.

A subtle and pleasant fragrance

Their innovative material captures the fragrances’ full range of notes. Much more than an air-freshener, the cards provide a subtle and pleasant fragrance.

Sober and elegant

This modern car accessory will add elegance and style to your vehicle.

Technological innovation

The fragranced cards are made from composite resin. The alcohol-free fragrance is directly incorporated into the material by injection.


Mini fragranced tablets give users the opportunity to try the fragrances before buying.


Offers a pleasant and sweet feeling


Scented card alone : 99mm x 65mm
Scented card with packaging : 160mm x 80mm x 2mm


13 grams

imao parfums® takes your senses on a journey with a collection of 13 scented cards for your car

Where to buy imao parfums® scented cards ?