The integration of the fragrance in exclusive capsules allows a linear and ideal diffusion of the fragrance in the car's interior.

Simple and elegant design

The materials used and the black and chrome colours reminiscent of the dashboard ensure optimum integration into the car's interior.

Venturi effect

Our R&D laboratory, expert in aeraulics, has integrated a Venturi effect into the diffuser casing in order to optimise the diffusion of the fragrance.

A subtle and pleasant fragrance

Much more than an air-freshener, the diffuser provide a subtle and pleasant fragrance.


Mini fragranced tablets give users the opportunity to try the fragrances before buying.


45 days


Diffuser alone : 60mm x 40mm x 10mm
Diffuser with packaging : 180mm x 90mm x 3mm


18 grams

The Venturi effect accelerates air flow, increasing the diffusion of perfumed air.
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